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> Qfix Launches ZiFix™ Abdominal / Thoracic Motion Control System

Qfix Launches ZiFix™ Abdominal / Thoracic Motion Control System

July 28, 2017

Avondale, PA, July 28, 2017 Today, Qfix ( launches the ZiFix™ Abdominal / Thoracic Motion Control System. ZiFix™ provides abdominal compression to induce shallow breathing for managing internal body motion due to respiration.

Unique challenges exist in radiotherapy and radiological procedures involving the internal structures of the thorax and abdomen, especially those subject to respiratory motion such as the lower lobes of the lungs, liver, and pancreas. Studies have shown that tumors of the liver can move up to 10 millimeters or more during respiration, and lung lesions can move up to 20 millimeters. Without proper motion management in radiotherapy, the target volume may be underdosed or surrounding healthy tissues may be overdosed. Moreover, undesirable motion artifacts can result from respiration in the context of diagnostic imaging, which can the limit the quality of CT and MRI scans of these structures.

To serve this need, Qfix introduces the ZiFix™ Abdominal / Thoracic Motion Control System. ZiFix™ is designed to reliably maintain pressure to suppress tumor and organ motion in radiotherapy and diagnostic imaging. The patent pending system features a compression paddle contoured to conform to a patient's anatomy for improved patient comfort and compliance, potentially leading to better clinical outcomes.

ZiFix™ can be used independently or in conjunction with a variety of positioning and immobilization devices and is able to be used in all treatment modalities and imaging systems, including MRI environments up to 3T. "ZiFix™ is ideal for radiology applications as well, due to its ability to stabilize internal motion and provide CT and MR images without artifacting," said Dan Coppens, CEO and CTO of Qfix.

The ZiFix™ Abdominal / Thoracic Motion Control System will be on display in Qfix Booth #2045 at the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) 59th Annual Meeting & Exhibition, July 30th - August 2nd at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, CO.

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