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RT-4558CB02 ZiFix 2.png

MRimage and Treat

The ZiFix™ Abdominal/Thoracic Motion Control System provides abdominal compression to induce shallow breathing for managing internal motion due to respiration. The system features an anatomically shaped compression paddle for patient comfort and improved patient compliance, potentially leading to better patient outcomes. The ZiFix™ Abdominal/Thoracic Motion Control System is suitable for a range of treatment angles and setups.


  • Compatible with CT and MRI environments up to 3T
  • Suppresses motion of lungs and liver for imaging and radiotherapy
  • Provides consistency between imaging, simulation, and treatment
  • Can be used as a Standalone unit or with other SBRT products (DoseMax™, Stradivarius™ and VacQfix™ Cushions)




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