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Encompass 15-Channel Head Coil

The adjustable geometry, 15-Channel Head Coil allows the user to locate the coil elements close to the patient’s anatomy. The Encompass Coil provides excellent signal-to-noise ratio and image quality across the entire cranium, whether used independently or with the Encompass MR SRS Immobilization System.

Optimized for use with the Encompass™ MR SRS Immobilization System

The Encompass 15-Channel Head Coil is specially designed to work with the precise positioning unique to the Encompass MR SRS Immobilization System.

Immobilization in the Encompass SRS System offers motion reduction for increased visualization of fine details, reducing the need for repeated scans. MR images obtained with the Encompass SRS System can be used for SRS treatment planning, including MR-Only and MR Fusion Techniques.

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