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The SDX incorporates a “voluntary breath hold method” that enables reproducible positioning of the tumor from medical imaging through the final session of the treatment, thus, reducing the irradiation of healthy tissues and contiguous organs. During the initial preparation phase, the patient learns to use the spirometer, and the clinical team determines the optimal breath hold lever according to the patient’s respiratory capacity. The patient is then asked to voluntarily reproduce the breath holds at the same pulmonary volume during each subsequent medical imaging and radiation therapy sessions.

The SDX’s ergonomics are expressly designed for passage through existing CT scanners. Coupled with intuitive software, the SDX is easy to use by the Radiation Therapy team. The voluntary breath hold method makes it possible to obtain high quality images in which the effects of respiratory movement are minimized, thus contributing to optimized dosimetry planning. During each Radiation Therapy session, the patient produces several breath holds, lasting from a few to approximately 20 seconds. The use of video goggles provides bio-feedback to the patient indicating when and for how long to produce the breath hold. 95% of patients are able to master this method, regardless of the respiratory pathology from which they suffer. The patient’s active involvement is an important motivating factor contributing to successful completion of the treatment cycle.

SDX 2.1 Trolley Package Includes:

  • SDX Module 2.1
  • SDX Custom Trolley
  • Video Glasses HDMI
  • Calibration Syringe
  • Software
  • Batch of consumables
  1. 10 bacterial viral filters
  2. 10 mouth pieces
  3. 5 nose clips