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Qfix® Carbon Fiber Pelvis System

Qfix® Carbon Fiber Pelvis System

The Qfix Carbon Fiber Pelvis System uses the widely popular leg wedge technique for easy and accurate pelvis target repositioning. This system flattens the lower lumbar for added comfort and repeatability. The Qfix pelvis system is used with Opti-Handles to secure a wide variety of different shapes and sizes of Aquaplast RT. It also includes a Groin Lock Key for securing Aquaplast between the patient’s legs, and a left and right millimeter scale for easy repositioning.

Qfix® Carbon Fiber Pelvis Board

Qfix Carbon Fiber Pelvis System
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Qfix® Carbon Fiber Pelvis System Accessories

Adapter to index RT-4526S to Varian Exactâ„¢ Couch and Exact Compatible CT Overlays
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IMRT indexed Knee Wedge Positioner, if purchased separately from Pelvis Board
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Opti-Handles, 15 cm (6 in.) set of 2 for use with Aqua-Belt (RT-4526S)
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Opti-Handles, 30 cm (12 in.) set of 2, for use with Aqua-Brief (RT-4526S)
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Opti-Handles, 45 cm (18 in.)
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Opti-Handles, 60 cm (24 in.)
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