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Access™ Prone G2 Breast Device

Access™ Prone G2 Breast Device


Due to its potential to significantly reduce dose to heart and lung, prone breast treatment is becoming an important option in the battle against breast cancer. 

Placing the patient in the prone position can help increase separation of the breast from critical organs at risk. This means that exposure to the heart, lung and surrounding healthy tissue may be minimized, while providing the potential for more uniform dose delivery, less skin toxicity and reduced respiratory motion due to patient position.

The Access™ Prone G2 Breast Device is CT and MR safe to guide patients seamlessly from simulation through treatment. Foam padding increase patient comfort and a removable insert can be positioned for either left or right breast treatment.

CT & MR Simulation

  • Device allows seamless transition from simulation through treatment
  • Incremental 2.5 cm shims allow variable device height for patient setups


  • Ipsilateral scale provides an additional point of reference for laser alignment
  • Knee alignment marks aid in daily patient set-up

Additional Attributes

  • Designed for patient comfort
  • Internal hand grip accessory compartments for easy, convenient storage
  • Easy set-up for workflow efficiency


Access™ Prone G2 Breast Device
Access™ Prone G2 Breast Device
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