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The kVue™ Calypso Couch Top is a state-of-the-art radiotherapy couch top optimized for the most recent advances in technology and designed to be compatible with the Calypso System. It is engineered to ensure precise and repeatable sub-millimeter patient positioning. It is constructed from high-strength, advanced fiber composites that are completely metal free and non-conductive to enable its use with the Calypso System.



  • Inserts are available for Calypso kVue for Varian TrueBeam™, Varian ETR™, Varian Exact, Siemens ZXT, Siemens TXT and Elekta Precise


  • Requires kVue Calypso Couch Top System
kVue Calypso® Varian Insert
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kVue Calypso® Elekta Insert
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kVue Calypso® Siemens Insert
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kVue Calypso® Couch Top (Varian Style Indexing)
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kVue Calypso® Couch Top (Calypso Style Indexing)
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