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Qfix® Announces Release of New SDX™ 3.0 Respiratory Gating System Platform

Respiratory-gated radiotherapy offers a significant potential for improvement in the irradiation of tumor sites affected by respiratory motion such as lung, breast, and liver tumors

September 22, 2017

Avondale, PA, September 22, 2017 – Today, Qfix® ( announces the release of DYN’R’s new SDX™ 3.0 Respiratory Gating Platform for optimization of breathing to manage internal body motion due to respiration during imaging and radiotherapy. Respiratory motion is a significant source of error in radiotherapy planning for the thorax and upper abdomen and creates the risk of delivering radiation dose to healthy tissue and critical organs at risk. With SDX™, patients are treated while voluntarily holding their breath, reducing motion of the target area. The result is a more precise delivery of dose to the target area.

The new SDX™ 3.0 Respiratory Gating Platform includes a robust trolley design featuring a combined single power and data cable to enhance workflow efficiencies from simulation through treatment. The SDX™ 3.0 Video Glasses are fully optimized for use in the radiotherapy environment and feature a locking cable that directly connects to the SDX™ 3.0 module and power supply. The system also includes improved SDX™ 3.0 software, providing increased usability and efficiency for users while improving patient care.

The SDX™ System can be used in manual or synchronized mode with the use of optional Gating Modules for imaging and treatment. The Gating Module continuously monitors the patient’s breathing, adjusts for motion in real time, and indicates when the patient is in the defined breath hold zone to allow for dose delivery. Respiratory gating offers treatment options to patients previously not considered to be a candidate for traditional radiation therapy. Optional Gating Modules are available for Siemens® SOMATOM 4D-CT, Varian® C-Series, Varian® ProBeam® and IBA® Proteus®PLUS. Plans are also underway to expand the use of gating with other imaging & treatment modalities.

The new SDX™ 3.0 Respiratory Gating Platform will be on display, including live demonstrations at the Qfix® booth #735 during the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) annual meeting, September 24 – 26, 2017 at the San Diego Convention Center.

About Qfix

Qfix is the exclusive global distributor for SDX™. Qfix® is a world leader in radiotherapy dedicated to helping medical professionals provide the best patient care with the world's finest positioning devices to enhance the probability of positive patient outcomes. For more information, visit


About DYN’R

DYN’R’s expertise is focused in the area of spirometry and its applications. DYN’R is the manufacturer of the SDX™ respiratory gating system.



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SDX™ 3.0 Respiratory Gating System Platform

Qfix® Announces Release of New SDX™ 3.0 Respiratory Gating System Platform